Adventures in showing homes!

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Today I took my cute neighbors out whom just received a CASH offer for their current home! We looked at several great homes in the Salt Lake area. There was one home they liked in particular and it was too funny BOTH the husband and wife tested out the microwave to assure it was quieter than their current one 😀 I love these two people and I am excited for them to find their dream new home!


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Hey guys!

HAPPY THURSDAY! Tomorrow is Pioneer Day in Utah, so that means FIREWORKS!!

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Movie Review

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Summer is HOT and a great time to sneak away in a cool theater for a few hours. I am lucky enough to be a part of the Salt Lake’s film society and therefore I get to screen movies before they come out! My Mr. also gets to join and it makes for a great date night for us!

The last movie we saw was Pixels in 3D. I do not know about you, but any movie in 3D is always cool to me! The story line of the film was a tad dull, but the effects made the hour and forty minutes well worth it my time. Adam Sandler does a decent enough job too. Definitely go see it with the kids! Buy yourself some FroYo and you will enjoy the experience that much more 😀


Next we are seeing “Southpaw” and I am REALLY looking forward to it! Stay tuned I will update you in regards to the film and what my husband and I think of it.


Great website!

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Check this out~ Estimate your renovation

10 Commandments of Agent Safety

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Hi there friends!

Today I am posting something for my fello real estate agents (sorry clients, I still LOVE ya).

There is a HUGE need for publications such as these; especially for those newbie agents. Some of my coaching students have heard the wrath from me about this topic. They will thank me one day! I remember being a new agent and wanting business so desperately and being willing to do just about anything to make that dream a reality. Looking back I definitely made some poor decisions and I am just VERY thankful that my choices did not end badly.

Here is my list of commandments (yes I dare use that word because this is IMPORTANT stuff here folks) :

1. Have a showing itinerary and share it with your office or business partner.
2. Do not ever meet a stranger at any property!
3. Take your car (this should be a given).
4. Avoid working after dark. The client and business will still be there in the A.M. if they are legit.
5. Dress appropriately and for safety.
6. Use prospect ID form that is sent prior to any appointments are even made for a potential client.
7. Make sure your office knows the make of your car and license plate number.
8. If you feel something is off; leave!
9. Have your cell phone armed to call for help if need be. Use a speed dial button for your office or broker too.
10. Try to take someone with you. I am lucky enough to be married to a lender and therefore it works out VERY nicely. In my single days I took my cousin and promised him ice cream afterwards 😀 I highly encourage the buddy system.


National Association of REALTORS

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I just returned home from a fabulous week in Chicago with my fello 30 Under 30’s for the last 15 years! What a incredible group of Realtors. We had the opportunity to mastermind as a whole and I truly feel so blessed to be able to learn from such phenomenal agents in my industry. Upon returning I have set many new goals for myself, business, and future clients. I am truly looking forward to implementing them into my daily life and the way in which I conduct my business.

30 Under 30

What Buyers Really Want in a Home

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Here is a list of the top 10 things buyers want in their next house:

1. Bigger great rooms with a nice open floor plan.
2. Grand master bathroom (who doesn’t want this?)
3. A green home with energy efficiency. Can I just say my $10 power bill ROCKS!
4. Walk-out basement for those naughty children, ha ha.
5. Higher ceilings, not just vaulted ceilings, rather a 8 or higher foot ceiling.
6. 3rd car garage
7. Kitchen pantry-A MUST!
8. The “newness factor”. A lot of my buyers do not want to do work to the home prior to moving in.
9. Central air (kind of a given, right?!)
10. Outdoor entertainment space for summer nights!

Have a great day!


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I am applying for 30 Under 30!

Here is my YouTube video


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HAPPY MONDAY FRIENDS! There is nothing more amusing to me than hearing what Zillow says my clients house is worth. I just smile and nod my head. Oh Zillow you are not fooling anyone, silly goose!

Please check out this linky link for more information on where Zillow obtains their “information” and how they “price” home values. To be honest I think a bunch of 10 year olds could do a more accurate job~ just saying 😀


30 UNDER 30

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